Signs of Botheration

You don’t have to drive half-way across the country before tiring of the billboards along the highways. We have the solution to this problem.

Getting Antsy

We are getting antsy to climb into our van and go. But in a post-pandemic world, what exactly are we antsy for?

The Art of War

We walked into a war museum and were soon captivated by the art.

Hey 2021, Don’t Act Like Your Older Sibling

The year 2020 is finally in the rearview mirror. No way are we making a U-turn to see it again. We bet you feel the same way.

Looking at Peaches in a Whole New Way

If Bob hadn’t needed eye surgery, we wouldn’t have eaten 20 pounds of peaches in two weeks.

Dodging Fires

Fires seem to be consuming the West. Even without being near one, you cannot escape the smoke that is covering the entire region.

The First of Our Best

Yellowstone is a place like no other. Words alone can’t do it justice.

Here Be Dragons

What’s over the next hill? Something and someone we will remember for a long time.

Heading West

If you haven’t felt the pioneer spirit of the West before you hit Sheridan, you certainly will as you drive into downtown with the Bighorns in the distance.

Normal: Natural, Ordinary, Routine

Whether we are sheltering in place or venturing out, we’re all adapting to a changed world.

The Road Home… For Now

These days, paper-free takes on a whole new meaning, and it’s something all of us are trying to avoid.

Life in the Desert

Joshua Tree National Park is a short drive from a mass of humanity. And a world away.

Day One, Mile Zero

We’re taking our first step – or rather, driving our first mile. As corny as it may sound, we are hitting the road to discover America.

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