What Does America Mean To You?

Our Story

We’re on a journey which is defined by this singular question. What better place to start our journey than the reservoir of local opinions. We are both native Tulsans, having been born, raised and lived in Oklahoma most of our lives. Yet, we were not fully prepared for the diverse responses we received in our own backyard. If our neighbors’ responses, which you are about to experience, are an indication of what lies ahead, we may be discovering our country for the first time. This is the beginning. We haven’t mapped out a final destination.

Bob and Julia McCormick

Your Story

“What does America mean to you?” One simple question evoking endless answers, interpretations and debates. On its face, the question is the discovery of a place most of us call home. Yet, some might see an idea as the ideal response. We seek the perspective of citizens and visitors alike in our journey.

Harmony, California
Woody Guthrie, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lavender Farm
Lavender Farm, Oregon
Looking at Joshua Tree National Park
Overlooking Joshua Tree National Park
Florence, Oregon
Silverton, Colorado
Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, Arizona
Dignity: of Earth and Sky, South Dakota
Galiano Island, British Columbia at Sunset
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